Interactive World Map For Kids

We offer an interactive educational tool, not just an ordinary wall map for kids.

Our World Map For Kids Comes to Life!

Our aim is to inspire children to learn geography in a fun, exciting and interactive way. produces professionally designed maps for kids for the entire family using the latest eco-friendly printing techniques. You can now use a free mobile application on your smart device to explore exciting digital and interactive content directly on your screen.

Introduce the world to your child

Children can explore 80+ features and learn fun facts about them via touch-points on the mobile device about the world's continents, oceans, countries, famous landmarks customs and native animals.

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Four easy steps to get started:

1. Buy the Wall Map
Buy this fun world map for kids on our secure website using PayPal. The shipping is FREE and arrives within 10 business days. The map is available in many sizes and finishes starting 16 x 24 inches (41 x 61 cm)  Buy it here.

2. Download Free App
Iphone and IPad - Compatible with Iphone 3GS and higher and Ipad 2 and higher. Requires IOS5.1 or later.

Android - Compatible with most devices running Android 2.2 or higher.  

When you install directly from your device, it will automatically tell you if your device is compatible. 

3. Scan the image
Launch your Layar App, point the device at the centre of a continent. Press the Scan button to see all the interactive objects appear (make sure you hold your device still until the objects appear on screen).

Click on the above image for a demo.

4. Start the Adventure
Once all the objects are loaded, let your child press on any object on your screen to enable interactivity.

Have fun with it!

What our customers say:

"It's Perfect"

Guess what arrived in the mail today? The beautiful laminated map I ordered for my grandchildren! Thanks so much, it's perfect, and right on time ... I'll spread the word among all of my grandparent friends that your products and methods of doing business are great. 

Mrs. Silverman, Westchester County, NY

"An Absolute Hit!"

"I just wanted to let you know that the map we ordered for Bennett was an absolute hit! He is my best friend's son and they are getting ready to go on a trip around the world, and I thought it would be the perfect gift to teach him about all the wonderful places they are going to visit ... turns out it was perfect!"

Ms. D'Costa, Toronto, ON

"Wow, amazing"

When I bought this map for our son, we thought it was nice, but the interactive components just makes it amazing! He loves it, and so do we! 

Greg Peters, NYC, NY

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About Us


Since taking an extended round-the-world trip with our son, Niko (now a preschooler), we have realized that our children should be a part of this global community and be able to appreciate and understand their own and other cultures. 

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." - Lao Tzu

Get in touch with us via the following methods:

Call us at 1-855-300-0816


What if I don't like my purchase? What's your policy?

We offer full refunds (shipping included) at any point. We will issue a full refund before your shipment arrives, just notify us via email or phone. If you're unhappy you don't pay, it's that simple! 

Natasza Cieplik Founder

Martin Pietrzak Founder 

Download the free Layar application for your device
Click the image to see an image you can scan with your mobile device.


Start your kid's adventure today!

Not just educational - It's fun too!

The combination of wall art, audio and video interaction is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the exciting world of geography.

Our "Secrets" hunt builds excitement

Each month there will be a new interactive "secret" object or game added to the mobile App for children to discover, making our map fun and exciting for as long as they desire.

Designed to be long-lasting

We use the highest quality paper and lamination to provide you with a durable yet great looking wall map you can transport and reuse for years.

Price: Starting at $19.99!

Or call us toll free to order 1-855-300-0816


Appropriate for ages: Preschooler: 3-5 Years & School Age: 5 and up


The smalles map is 16 x 24 inches matte bond paper..

Android & iOS

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